Vision  and  core Values

Potential  ⥄ Connection ⥄  Inspiration ⥄ Equity

We believe in Potential...

Humans are born with the need and the right to communicate, interact, and use their energy and curiosity to construct their learning.

Children have a voice that is sought, valued, and shapes the life of the school.

Children and adults can do hard things in order to grow, and can withstand ambiguity, cognitive struggle, and challenge in order to learn. 

Each person has limitless potential and we behave in ways that show that.   

The school’s charge is to provide a curriculum that results in all children learning at high levels, so that their life opportunities and access are expanded through their experience here

We believe in Connection...

All of us bloom by engaging with one another, sharing roles and jobs, and approaching our school with collective responsibility.

Each child has a network of relationships at school that make it impossible for them to fail. 

Adults must build a safety net for children- our processes and procedures result in a systematic response  that meets each child’s social/emotional and academic needs

When we are in conflict, we must seek mutually agreeable solutions and collaborate to solve problems.

We believe in Inspiration...

Each of us possesses a unique combination of 100 languages- for expressing, communicating, absorbing and experimenting with the world around them.  

The 100 languages must be honoured and recognised in our experiences with one another. 

Curiosity, creativity, and flexibility are necessary ingredients in the human condition.  

Children thrive where adults thrive and vice versa.  

Joy, fun, and celebration are essential to our life together at school.


We believe in Equity...

Each community member is whole, just as they are.  

Learning, wellness, nutrition, and access to experiences and opportunities are rights that all people have.

We have a responsibility to constantly ask, “what am I missing?”  “whose voice is missing?” “are we all here?” “are we all heard?” in order to elevate the voices of all children.

Each person in our community belongs; this is reflected in our interactions with one another, our physical space, our events and curricular choices.


At Staghills  Nursery School  we place a strong emphasis on the desire to help all children reach their individual potential.  Our planning and structure wholly support and reflect the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage framework . Ensuring that the individual child and their family is at the centre of all learning and development. We want to help your child have a happy and successful start in nursery, so that they are ready to continue their learning and enjoy primary school. 


Image of the Child

Our image is of a child who possesses his or her own directions and the desire for knowledge and for life. A competent child!

We believe that all children are competent and capable and have great potential.

We have developed a set of values that we are important to us and reflect our beliefs about children’s learning.
It is important to us that:
Children are able to communicate in a range of ways and express their uniqueness.
It is important to us that
Children are imaginative, creative thinkers who explore many possibilities.
It is important to us that
Children feel confident and are independent and are able to be themselves.
It is important to us that
Children are curious and inquisitive and lead their own learning.
It is important to us that
Children relate to others as part of a community who enjoy learning
It is important to us that
Children are comfortable with who they are and so take risks in their learning and keep on trying