Our Learning Environment

All areas of the Nursery School, upstairs , the outdoor play area ,the allotment and forest school are accessible to children to all children.

 Staff plan a balanced range of opportunities and enable young children to develop their own interests.

Young children need an environment which offers opportunities to repeat experiences over time in different contexts to secure their understanding and development.

AREAS OF LEARNING in the Nursery School

The environment, both inside and in the outdoors, is arranged in workshop areas linked to the curriculum. Each of these workshops has the potential for children to explore many areas of learning. Staff ensure that the range of equipment and activities offer a progression of opportunities and challenge for all children.

Workshops are arranged to promote learning e.g. furniture and equipment are set out to allow children to move around easily and safely between areas and from the building into the outdoors, links are made between the activities and equipment e.g. placing books and graphics resources near to each other to provide examples of meaningful print.

A secure daily routine ensures that children can make informed choices about the best use of time available, subject to staff guidance where appropriate.

What do we do? 

WE create an ACTIVE + interactive learning environment that is both predictable for children and also responsive to their changing learning needs.

Our inside and outside learning environment is organised into clearly identified resource areas. These areas allow children to know and understand what resources are available and to make informed choices about their own learning. Resources can be changed or added by the adults to create new learning opportunities based on the reflection and documentation of previous learning.

The routine of the day is organised to support children's learning in different contexts with extended period of time available for children to become engaged and involved in learning both self initiated and adult directed.

Children are given the opportunity to revisit and extend learning activities over sessions, days or even weeks, as appropriate to each child/group of children. This approach supports depth of learning.


Why do we work with children on projects at Staghills NURSERY SCHOOL ?

 So what is a ‘project’? Well, we describe it as adult or child-initiated work which is sustained over a long period of time; which can often be several WEEKS.

A project will begin with a discussion amongst children or perhaps an artefact presented by adults (we call this a ‘provocation’) and these discussions go on to generate children’s theories. We then support children to investigate their theories and help them with their problem-solving. We think they learn best this way.

“Once children are helped to perceive themselves as authors and inventors, once they are helped to discover the pleasures of inquiry, their motivation and interest explode.”

Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Emilia