Exploring marks ,movement and wheels 

Children have been exploring the movement of lines and circles and we are developing this further as we explore wheels and loose parts .

Vegetables and Growing 


Children have been working with Alison and exploring a wide range of vegetables .They are planting and will be visiting the allotment to do some  more planting soon.Meanwhile outdoors children have enjoyed rolling and chopping vegetables ! They have also been making up their own stories as the dinosaurs munch all the vegetables.




 Sea life and Pollution 

We noticed that several of the boys were particularly interested in sea creatures and we added books including The Blue Planet book to the small world area. This provocation led onto discussions about pollution and fact finding about sharks and other sea life.The children created a display about pollution and the oceans, we then brought in real fish for the children to explore and Alex's Dad came in to show us how to fillet a fish.  

The children then drew and painted pictures and used bottle tops to create a tiger shark collage.

We have bought lots more books about recycling and pollution to further support this interest and are celebrating world oceans day by wearing blue to nursery and will all  joining in lots of activities to raise awareness of our oceans.  

As part of this project the children have been enjoying stories about the sea and sharks and whales and they have been making up their own stories and songs.