The importance of communication

“Communication and language development involves giving children opportunities to experience a rich language environment; to develop their skills and confidence in expressing themselves; and to speak and listen in a range of situations.”

(Department for Education: the Early Years Foundation Stage)

Communication can be divided into 3 strands:

Listening and Attention



Communication impacts on all areas of life 

On education

Poor language predicts poor literacy skills and, without the right help, between 50% and 90% of children with persistent communication needs go on to have reading difficulties. Vocabulary at age 5 is a very strong predictor of the qualifications achieved at school leaving age and beyond.

On employment

Employers now rate communication skills as their highest priority, above qualifications, with 47% of employers in England reporting difficulty in finding employees with an appropriate level of oral communication skills

On health

Poor communication is a risk factor for mental health.

 At Staghills Nursery School we place a special focus on helping children to develop their communication skills. 

Becoming a good Communicator 

We encourage children to play alongside others and to take part when they are ready.We help them to take part in simple games at first,then more complex imaginative play.We encourage children to learn the names of simple objects around the nursery and in books.We support children with only one or two words to put more words together in conversations and play.

We have a special set of core books and rhymes that children become very familiar with.

Our aim is that children can retell these stories joining in with repeated refrains and that they learn how to use books and enjoy stories.

Listening skills are crucial for future learning and staff spend a lot of time supporting children to hear and distinguish between sounds around them.

We screen children using a Wellcomm screening tool so that we can put in support right from the start .

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We have introduced Helicopter Stories as a way of supporting children to tell their own stories and to recreate roles and experiences. 

Learning to read and write is closely linked to good communication skills.

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Learning to Read and Write 

Our Reading Policy 

Our Core Books 

Helicopter Stories 

Our Approach to teaching writing