How we teach maths

Our environment and continuous provision supports all children to develop their understanding of mathematics through play. Children have lots of time to practise and consolidate their understanding of maths through open ended resources in the Nursery School.

Staff will commentate on what they see children doing, helping them to develop a good mathematical vocabulary. Staff will watch, listen and question children so that they can carefully extend the child’s learning through their play.

Block play, sand and water are some of the many areas which are used to support children’s mathematical learning.For some children, staff will support the development of schemas.

Staff observe children and enhance the provision so that mathematical skills, language and concepts are learnt.

Number is taught through practical, relevant play based activities. Number names are learnt in order, children learn to count up and count back and sing lots of rhymes and songs to reinforce this. They practise counting many different things. Children initially learn to work with numbers 0-5. This is so that they learn the value of the number and how a number can be divided in different ways. For example 4=may be made up of 2 and 2 or 1 and 3
The school is developing a curriculum based on materials developed by The National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Maths.

We are very excited about the work we are doing in this area and are developing some really exciting resources and collections to support children's development in this area.