Currently we are  focusing on books and developing lots of creative work based on some of our favourite stories.

How we develop our curriculum

We believe that children learn best by actively pursuing their interests and ideas through exploratory play, supported by teaching staff who extend their learning, facilitating the child's process of creating and developing theories about the world. 

Children’s personal, social and emotional development is central to their learning and we support this through the development of positive and caring relationships. Each child has a Key Person and a key group of children. We encourage the development of self-confidence and self-awareness and children become independent learners by choosing resources and accessing all areas of the nursery environment. 

We plan activities to meet needs identified from observation and assessment, and extend children’s learning through:

  • Planning in the moment for child initiated learning during free flow play
  • Children’s reflection on learning in Key groups to develop meta-cognition
  • Children’s planning time where children contribute to planning their learning
  • Weekly Tatty Bumpkins  yoga sessions to develop self-regulation and physical and language skills 
  • A focus on a range of core books over the year, so that the children develop a bank of deeply known and loved stories
  • Daily literacy & phonics using Letter and Sounds
  • Maths group time
  • Daily story
  • Weekly Library Book exchange
  • Daily action songs and rhymes to build up vocabulary and understanding of rhyme and rhythm
  • Weekly  Forest School session for every child developing self-regulation, risk management and an understanding of the natural world


 Our staff often use books as a provocation supporting children's learning and projects often lead onto lots of creative explorations extending and developing children s language skills.

 Our younger children are exploring the story of the Bear Hunt and having real experiences of all the elements that are in the story today they have been exploring mud. 

Oh no!
We've got to go through it!

Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch! Squelch squerch!