Curriculum Intent

At Staghills Nursery School our curriculum is designed with the school motto of

 “A place where children lead the learning , children at the centre of learning.”

  •  We continually review and evaluate our curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of our children.
  •   We strive to provide the best quality teaching and learning for every child. We work as a team to design learning experiences that engage all learners in thoughtful and real experiences.
  • We plan projects that are immersive using  creative approaches exploring a wide range of media, books, artefacts and real experiences to inspire all children and we aim to bring learning to life by linking our curriculum to the real world and our projects are planned from the current interests of our children. 

Our Curriculum reflects our belief in our core values  linked to our Image of The Child and a belief that every child is competent and capable and have great potential.

Through our curriculum we endeavour to develop a lifelong love of learning; give opportunities to explore, question and investigate to enable all children to achieve their potential and know their rights and encourage children to become global citizens.

"High aspirations - no ceiling, no limits". 

The Curriculum enables all children to become:

  • Enthusiastic, successful and independent learners who make good progress, achieve their full potential and develop a positive growth mindset
  • Confident individuals who know how to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and who are aware of their rights and those of others
  • Responsible citizens who are able to make a positive contribution to society, both locally and globally
  • Individuals who understand the value of learning and who continue that process throughout their lives
  • Our Curriculum is developed around our Image of the Child.



The curriculum will:

  • Promote high standards, across all areas of learning .
  • Provide broad and varied learning experiences
  • Promote a positive engagement with, and commitment to, learning, enabling children to develop a positive mindset
  • Enable children to develop effective skills of co-operation and collaboration
  • Develop an understanding of the relevance of learning to each individual’s life and prepare them for life as a member of the wider community
  • Prepare children for the next stage in their education and ensure school readiness
  • Create a sense of wellbeing centred around a sense of fulfilment and achievement
  • Develop a wide range of skills and broaden children’s life experiences.