Absences and attendance

 Early Years Education is the foundation for lifelong learning…..every missed session is a missed opportunity

 Try to avoid taking holidays in term time, as there are so many things your child will miss whilst they are away.

 In the early years children develop their social skills by playing together and making friends, so any absence can affect their friendship groups, and may make them reluctant to attend.

 Always let us know why your child has missed a session. There are a variety of codes that are used to record absence; therefore we need to know the reason so we can record it correctly.

 If your child is poorly they need to stay at home until they are fully recovered before coming back to nursery. This will help prevent the spread of infection.

If your child becomes ill at nursery then we will contact you or one of your emergency contacts so it is very important that these contact details are kept updated.



What if my child is ill?

Children must be ‘well’ to be happy and ready to learn so please let us know if your child is ill and cannot attend.


Action to be taken


Exclusion for 48 hours after last occurrence


Exclusion for 48 hours after last occurrence

Chicken Pox

5 days from onset of rash

German Measles

5 days from onset of rash


5 days from onset of swelling


Follow doctor’s advice


5 days from onset of rash


Exclusion until lesions are crusted or healed

What if my child needs medication?

If your child needs essential medication, e.g. an inhaler or epipen, please leave a spare one at the centre (a care plan will need to be completed).

If your child needs medication prescribed by a doctor, you must complete an authorisation form before we can administer any medicines to your child.

First aid procedures

We have a large number of staff at the centre who have been trained in Paediatric First Aid and they will deal with any accidents your child may have. All injuries are recorded on an accident form. The person who collects your child at the end of the session will be informed of any injury and asked to sign the accident form as a record.

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