The nursery has a fully developed set of policies covering all areas of your child's education, development and safety. The safety and well-being of children at Staghills Nursery is of paramount importance at all times. All staff attend regular training in safeguarding and updates are passed from our Designated Safeguarding Leads to other staff within nursery.

Designated Senior Leads

Safeguarding at Stagills Nursery School is everyone’s priority. The Designated Safeguarding Leads and Safeguarding Governor take overall responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection, providing support to staff members to carry out their safeguarding duties and liaising closely with other services such as children’s social care.

Within any academic year, each DSL should receive up-to-date training for their area/s of responsibility, up-date any policies in consultation with the Governors and take personal responsibility for the dissemination of this training to the staff team and  Governing body.

 The Designated Safeguarding leads for the school are         

Linda Connelly : Headteacher

Joanne Waterfield:  Back up DSL /Lead Teacher

Safeguarding Governor:Mike Ormerod Chair

Below is an A-Z of the main policies which cover every aspect of school life; if you would like to read the policy documents, you can inspect them at school or download them.thCA505GU9


To read any of our policies simply click on the links below:






Accessibility Policy

Admissions Policy 

Attendance policy 2019 

Behaviour  and Relationship Policy 2019

British Values in the EYFS

Camera and Devices Policy  2019

Care and Control Policy 2019

Charging and Remissions Policy 2019 

  Child Protection and Safeguarding  Policy 2019-20

Complaints Policy (Including children with SEND) 2019

Data protection Policy 2019

Children Looked After Policy 2019 

Online Safety Policy 2019

Health and Safety Policy 2019

First Aid Policy 

Food and Drink Policy

Late Collection of Children Policy 2019

Medicines Policy 2019

Mobile Phone Policy 2019

Nappy and Intimate Care Policy 2019

Privacy Notice for Pupils 2019

Privacy Notice for School Workforce 2019

Prevent Policy 2019

Prevent Leaflet Parents

 Safeguarding Information for Parents 2019

Special Needs Policy 2019 

Single Equalities Policy 2019

Teaching and Learning Policy 2019


Today’s children are ‘digital’ from before they’re even born.  

They get their gadgets early:  1 in 10 children are given their first mobile before they’re five years old!  While they’re surfing the internet they’re also learning new skills, but, being technically savvy doesn’t always come with common sense! Children still need protecting.

The internet plays a big part in all our lives and offers us lots of amazing opportunities.  By being aware of how to keep ourselves safe, and also teaching our children how to stay safe, we can all get the best out of the internet.  Keep UP-TO-DATE AND STAY SAFE by following the links below:

Helpful advice from experts, step-by-step information, ‘How-to’ guides and digital trends in DIGITAL PARENTING Magazine – Issue 6

Photos online before birth, a digital presence by the age of two, and your first mobile before you’re five. You’re part of  GENERATION INTERNET

KEEPING YOUNG CHILDREN SAFE ONLINE A new educational resource has been developed by the National Crime Agency (NCA) to help keep young people safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation. The resource, to be used by practitioners, teachers and parents with four to seven year olds, is based upon a three-episode animation series called Jessie and Friends. There are also accompanying storybooks available to download. The resource is designed to each children to recognise manipulative strategies in online chat like those typically used by offenders to groom children. It is hoped the resource will provide education to young children before they begin to encounter such risks online, making them less likely to become victims and/or be targeted by high-risk offenders.

This is a relevant, quality assured resources by the National NCA Thinkuknow programme are available via the link below: