Reading and Helicopter Stories

The children have been very interested in the retelling the Julia Donaldson stories, using puppets, pictures and songs, a real favourite being 'The Highway Rat' and 'Stickman'.


The children have also been creating their own stories using the helicopter method of story telling. Acting out their own stories and then having them scribed by an adult. 





Bread and Pizza Making

The children have really enjoyed role playing in the bakery area of provision. They have been reading the book 'Zed's Bread' and following the instructions to make bread of their own. 

This interest in bread then led onto the children making thier own pizzas and garlic bread. 







Loose Parts Play and Shape

The children have been investigating natural materials and making a range of pictures and patterns using these materials.

The children then developed their play by creating 2D shapes for the different materials. 





Star Wars

The children have really interested in learning more about Star Wars. They have been drawing some of the characters from the story and making up their own stories to with the characters. 


Some of the children used Lego to make the different characters. Can you spot Darth Vader?